I have got the following E-books available on Amazon stores around the world in about 14 countries.
If you have an Unlimited Kindle membership, these books are Free to read. If not, these are very inexpensive.
Please check them out and read about them in the description. A free sample from these books might be available to check.
Thanks & Happy Reading
Sarbjit Singh
aka Brandon


Ebook My Random Musings
This E-book contains articles and anecdotes mostly from my personal life experiences both as a person and as an eye doctor. There is an amusing incident from my boarding school days. There are articles on doctor-patient relationships that both doctors and non-doctor readers would be able to relate to. There is a hilarious real-life experience I had when a rat went up my pajamas. A couple of articles on the religion of Sikhs. These surely would resonate with anyone, even those who may not believe in God.
My Poems From Life Ebook
This book has my poems and some photo poems. Some of these poems are spiritual, some are romantic and some praise the beauty and vastness of nature. The photo poems are short poems I pen when I click a photograph and I myself get inspired to write those lines looking at that photograph. Some of the subjects I have written about are the sun, the moon, our last destination, etc.
Vices Ebook
Everyone has vices, and it's important to identify them and learn how to overcome them in order to have a better life. We all have some bad habits that can prevent us from achieving our goals and living a fulfilling life. Identifying our vices is the first step towards overcoming them. Once we know what our vices are, we can start developing strategies to overcome them. This can include changing your environment, engaging in activities that distract you from the vice and building positive habits that will replace the negative ones.
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