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Wisdom and Happiness

Wisdom and Happiness

Socrates said that “Wisdom is the key to happiness”.
What do you think wisdom is?
Where does it come from?
What ever we learn in school, college or from teachers is not wisdom. That probably is knowledge. Everyday, on social media, we post a lot of good quotes of some great and not so great people. How many of us actually try to really understand them and follow them? We post them because we have liked them is certain. Let us not just preach, let us act on them. When we act on them, that is when we are taken to what some call “The School of Hard Knocks” and that is where we get wisdom and in turn happiness.

Wishing you all the happiness !



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  1. Sameera irfan

    Very nice, totally agree. I think if we love each day as it comes, live each and every moment, we can forget a lot of our worries and learn to be happy.

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