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Who Am I ?

“Who Am I?”

“Who am I?”
is quite a,
good question!

A regular guy,
with a perfect family,
or a perfect guy,
with a regular family?

Am I a believer,
or a person who,
struggles hard so,
I could be,
a non-believer?

Most of the time,
I love my job,
and people,
do recognise it
and applaud.

Have, however,
times when,
I seem to whine,
under the heavy,
load of expectations,
to perform and
to deliver,
each time,
and every time.

Find solace,
and happiness,
when with,
those who need,
me and
heed me.
I, however,
Shun narcissists,
who gloat and
try to mislead
to a T.

Glittering life,
which most adore,
is exactly,
which makes me,
run away and abhore.

Doing nothing is,
not my,
cup of tea.
Yet looking into
and thinking of
the infinitness
of nothing,
is what sets,
my soul free.

I love to love
and hate to hate.
Both I fathom,
are delivered
by fate.
They may
be illusions,
like most things life,
add to confusions.

I just hope
when the times comes,
to clear life’s debt,
I don’t stay,
the most fascinating
person I never met.



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  1. Its nice to meet you finally though I have admired you from a distance for a very long time. Keep up the good work Doc and make us all proud of you (though we already are !!!!)

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