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A 30 Cent Dilemma!

Yesterday I went to Sogo Mall in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Had to park my car there and go to an office in Pertama Complex building next to it. After I finished the office work, came back to Sogo and felt the need to go to the washroom. Most Malls in KL now don’t charge to use the washroom but Sogo still charges 30 cents per visit. There was no attendant when I went.

So I did my business and as no one was there to accept or was it demand the 30 cents due on me, I left for home. Today I went back to Sogo for some work and left the 30 cents on an unmanned table.

It was just a matter of 30 cents but it bothered me. I felt like a cheat. Was I reading too much into it? Would it have mattered to anyone? Was I being too sensitive? Should I have in fact been happy to have saved 30 cents?

Is there any merit to the saying “Nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so”!



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8 Responses to A 30 Cent Dilemma!

  1. vijay bhatt

    you did the right thing.right thoughts and right deeds will only make the world a better place.
    vijay bhatt.

  2. Sarbjit

    Thanks for your encouraging comment.



  3. Good that you give the 30cts to salve your conscience.

    Just want look at this from another perspective. Quite a few complexes do not charge for toilet facilities. Remember the Jusco Kinta city where we met? They don’t charge and in fact they also don’t charge for parking for the first hour!
    I think most complexes already include maintenance of these facilities in their rental of the shopping lots. So the ‘charges’ may be just for extra income to the cleaners.
    If they charge to recover cost for maintenance, they would first need 3000 clients just to pay the RM 900/- salary of the attendant who sit in front of the toilets! And how about the paperwork involved just to record and audit and account for the charges they collect? And pilferage and some attendant pocketing the coins instead of passing them to the management/

  4. Soundararajan PP

    no one will know..
    but you know
    you may silence your mind
    about right or wrong
    but still you know
    what is right or wrong

  5. Sarbjit

    Agree with you.. Thanks for stopping by,reading the post and commenting on it.

  6. ramnath

    nice one, your concience will be clear now

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