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Life is meaningless …

Evening Sky

Evening Sky

We have most of the time been given to believe by many philosophers,sages and gurus that we should strive to search for the meaning of life. Have we ever stopped to think that life could be just meaningless? A French philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960) did think that life is inherently meaningless. He believed that only embracing this idea of life being absurd and meaningless are we capable of living it as fully as possible.

One can see life as endless struggle to perform tasks which are essentially meaningless. Camus believed that much of what we do seems to be meaningful because we are conscious beings unlike every other living thing. These meanings reside only in our minds and not in the universe out there. You think a lion, an elephant or for that matter any other living thing ever cared about the meaning of their lives?

What could be the meaning and purpose of the universe? It probably is there but for no purpose. Since we are conscious beings, we find meaning and purpose in everything. I think, that might be the cause of many emotions and stresses of life that deprive us from living it better and fully. In fact, to achieve many of those make believe purposes of life, not only have we made our own lives difficult but have also caused grave damage to our environment and threatened the existence of other living beings.

PS: It would be interesting to note that Camus died in a car accident at the age of 47 years after he decided to forgo a flight and take a ride in his friend’s car instead