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Posterous is Closing Down !

It is indeed sad to know that the website “Posterous” is closing down. There is a saying that “nothing is free in life”. I suppose there is a reason why this is true, specially for businesses.Running a sustainable business requires generating sustainable revenue.Charge money for what you create. We as consumers, should not be so reluctant to pay for using someone’s services or products.

Another great application, “Google Reader” is also throwing the shutters. I am so sad to see it go. One of the best pdf apps that I have used.

We must understand that these free websites and apps that we use have plenty of our data. When the apps and websites change hands, our data also does and if they close down, our data goes down with them.

Since I have plenty of good stuff ( at least I think so) I posted on Posterous over the years, I am going to slowly move it to my own website at http://sarbjit.in I have paid for the domain name and also for the space used. Luckily I do my own website designing and implementation, so for that I just invest time. I shall however not be worried about it being closed down by anyone other than “Me” !



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