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Life is meaningless …

Evening Sky

Evening Sky

We have most of the time been given to believe by many philosophers,sages and gurus that we should strive to search for the meaning of life. Have we ever stopped to think that life could be just meaningless? A French philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960) did think that life is inherently meaningless. He believed that only embracing this idea of life being absurd and meaningless are we capable of living it as fully as possible.

One can see life as endless struggle to perform tasks which are essentially meaningless. Camus believed that much of what we do seems to be meaningful because we are conscious beings unlike every other living thing. These meanings reside only in our minds and not in the universe out there. You think a lion, an elephant or for that matter any other living thing ever cared about the meaning of their lives?

What could be the meaning and purpose of the universe? It probably is there but for no purpose. Since we are conscious beings, we find meaning and purpose in everything. I think, that might be the cause of many emotions and stresses of life that deprive us from living it better and fully. In fact, to achieve many of those make believe purposes of life, not only have we made our own lives difficult but have also caused grave damage to our environment and threatened the existence of other living beings.

PS: It would be interesting to note that Camus died in a car accident at the age of 47 years after he decided to forgo a flight and take a ride in his friend’s car instead


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  1. Robert

    Dr. Sarbjit… Life’s challenges often drive us to the conclusion that it is “meangingless” – my own experiences have certainly left me with that feeling from time to time – and, yet, the evidence is all around us that there is deep meaning to all. From the smallest mouse rummaging through the pantry to the largest tusker rambling through a tea plantation, I see purposeful behavior. Admittedly, it is hard to imagine that “consiousness” exists in all of out fellow creatures, but it is also hard to fathom that there is not meaning to the Universe. The fact that we cannot totally comprehend it from our lowly viewpoint does not negate the fact that Universe exists, moves, lives in a meaningful way.

    Here in the Pacific NorthWest, Spring is coming – flowers and trees blooming – and animal life is springing into motion. With it we will see the arrival of seals and Orcas and great whales. Prof Richard Allen Miller (US Navy Intel) was asked to analyze the speech patterns of porpoises may years ago and discovered that these creatures use a form of advanced math to communicate and that they intellectually operate on at least as high a level (if not higher) as Humans. He went on to remark that Orcas operate at an even higher level and would seem like gods to us were we to communicate with them…

    Do not give up on Meaning in Life.

    Peace, Hope, and Love…
    Robert Dotson, MD
    Amerikan Exile

    • Sarbjit

      Dear Dr Robert Dotson,

      Thanks for sharing your very beautiful and meaningful thoughts on the subject. I put forward one view point which is difficult to ‘digest’ as most of the people, including me, have been conditioned to think in a particular way. Having said that, it is interesting,challenging and even exciting to think out of the box and question the accepted norms. It sometimes may even be dangerous 🙂



      • Amerikan Exile

        Yes, it IS dangerous to think for oneself! And, the Corporatist Society that controls the planet wants all of us to be quiet, unquestioning slaves to their System. Those who would be Masters of Earth (and, in their own minds Mastes of the Universe) are an anti-Human lot and they do not like thinking “outside the box”. They are terrified that the OmniHumnanity will look up from their grazing and awaken to the danger that they(we) are in… The Awakening is underday, IMO. We shall see… Be safe!

  2. CM Singh

    ‘The meaning of life is this, work endlessly, in the office, in the factory and bear the responsibility of a family’ – and one culture says, whether it is this culture, western culture or that culture, it doesn’t matter, all cultures are more or less the same, says that you will live in heaven if you are good on earth. And that is the meaning of life, going to heaven! And also one culture says, ‘Why bother what the meaning of life is, just live, put up with the ugliness, the beastly existence, the sorrow, the pain, the anxiety, the pleasures, the fears, the utter boredom, the loneliness, put up with it – that is part of your life, you can’t go beyond it, therefore enjoy, therefore make pleasure ( which they think is happiness )as the main thing of your life’ .

  3. Ravijit Singh

    Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die !

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