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The Imperfect Gandhi

M.K.GandhiThe Imperfect Gandhi
(Sarbjit Singh)

No one is perfect. Our flaws make us human. Flaws of others should not decrease our appreciation of their qualities that we admire. Like everyone else M.K.Gandhi had a number of flaws too which he himself penned down. One of the infamous ones he was ashamed of was the fact that while his father was dying, he was making love to his wife in the next room. He was human. I still admire his courage,his compassion,his grit, his tolerence & his inability to say anything but the truth.



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  1. You are absolutely correct in saying that none of us is perfect; every living soul is made up of good and evil in various combinations but we, being the best of God’s creations, have been imparted with WILL POWER. We can use our will to enhance the goodness in us and make this world a better place or let the evil in us overpower us and destroy what has been created for us. THE CHOICE IS OURS!!!

  2. Sarbjit

    Agree with you Dr Sameera

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