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Go Free Yourself….

Sarbjit SinghGo Free Yourself …
(Sarbjit Singh)

The only time in life we are completely free is when we are born.As we grow older, the rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, moral and social bindings, laws to follow etc keep on increasing. I wonder what “Free Society” actually means. Society is the one which puts us in shackles and enslaves us. Some people say that it is all to protect the weak and the poor. I think the weak and poor have nothing to lose.These rules and laws are to protect the rich and powerful(?). Those who try to free their souls are most times stifled in one way or the other.That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for inner freedom…

As long as you don’t infringe upon similar rights of others,

go free yourself….



2 Responses to Go Free Yourself….

  1. Nice thought, but how do you propose we can free ourselves, we are social animals, we have to live in a society and abide by its rules.
    True freedom can only be obtained in a jungle or may be in space !!

    • Sarbjit

      Dr Sameera,
      Thanks for your comment. I was talking of inner freedom.. freedom of thought, freedom from dogmas and bias, freedom from hatred etc…

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