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The Bangladesh Eye Flu

The Bangladesh Eye Flu
(Sarbjit Singh)

Sarbjit Singh

It was probably sometime in 1971 when I was around 12 years old that there was a very widespread epidemic of eye flu christened Bangladesh Eye flu. It was probably named so because this was brought in by the huge influx of Bangladeshi refugees into India around the time of Indo-Pak war. Very infectious, every third or fourth person seemed to be getting it.

As boarders in PPS (The Punjab Public School, Nabha, Punjab, India) there were very few ways of getting away from classes. Worse still, probably the only way to be able to go home during regular school days was if we got very sick. This Bangladesh Eye Flu was like a gift from God. Those who were getting ‘red eyes’ were sent home immediately because of fear of spread of the disease.

These kinds of ‘gifts’ however have a way of playing hard to get, really hard to get. I and some of my close ‘associates’ just wouldn’t get it no matter how hard we tried. We even tried touching the eyes of the inflicted individuals and then touching our own. Nope, it just wouldn’t happen. Damn ! what do we do now?



मैं और मेरे दो दोस्त (सरबजीत)

मैं और मेरे दो दोस्त

मेरे दो दोस्त हैं
एक ख़ुशी और
दूसरा है गम

दोनों से मेरी अक्सर
बातें होती हैं
होती हैं मगर
साथ साथ कभी नहीं
जब एक साथ होता है
न जाने दूसरा
खो जाता है कहीं  (more…)


The Imperfect Gandhi

M.K.GandhiThe Imperfect Gandhi
(Sarbjit Singh)

No one is perfect. Our flaws make us human. Flaws of others should not decrease our appreciation of their qualities that we admire. Like everyone else M.K.Gandhi had a number of flaws too which he himself penned down. One of the infamous ones he was ashamed of was the fact that while his father was dying, he was making love to his wife in the next room. He was human. I still admire his courage,his compassion,his grit, his tolerence & his inability to say anything but the truth.



Go Free Yourself….

Sarbjit SinghGo Free Yourself …
(Sarbjit Singh)

The only time in life we are completely free is when we are born.As we grow older, the rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, moral and social bindings, laws to follow etc keep on increasing. I wonder what “Free Society” actually means. Society is the one which puts us in shackles and enslaves us. Some people say that it is all to protect the weak and the poor. I think the weak and poor have nothing to lose.These rules and laws are to protect the rich and powerful(?). Those who try to free their souls are most times stifled in one way or the other.That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for inner freedom…

As long as you don’t infringe upon similar rights of others,

go free yourself….



“Chugalkhors or The Gossipers”

“Chugalkhors or The Gossipers”
(Sarbjit Singh)

There is no doubt almost everyone sometime or the other in their life has participated in some kind of gossip and enjoyed it. The only time someone doesn’t enjoy gossip is when it is about her or him.

There are very few people who outrightly reject participating in gossip. As I remember, my late mother was one of them and as far as can remember, she would not allow gossip in front of her at all.There were however, some other members in the extended family who would indulge in, ‘enjoy’ and practiced this very prevalent fine ‘art’. They even gossiped about my mother behind her back. Such people never realise that they, inadvertently might be passing this ‘art’ to young impressionable (more…)


Who Am I ?

“Who Am I?”

“Who am I?”
is quite a,
good question!

A regular guy,
with a perfect family,
or a perfect guy,
with a regular family?



Hindi Language & Punjabi People : Sarbjit Singh

“Hindi Language & Punjabi People”

Those who know both hindi and punjabi languages tend to think that if you know punjabi, speaking hindi should come naturally. Well, it may not really be the case.

My mother-in-law is a Punjabi, born, brought up and lived her entire life out of India.

Yesterday, as we were watching TV, we saw an advertisement in which she recognised an Indian Bollywood actor.

Immediately she said,”Isn’t he the guy in Bhujj Milkha Bhujj?” She had just totally translated “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” title from Hindi to Punjabi.

Then I remembered my mother (more…)


My Conversation with an Immigration Officer

Place : Immigration Office Putrajaya Malaysia

Immigration Officer = IO
Me = Me

Me : Good Morning !
IO : Salamat Pagi

Me : When I move around in Malaysia, can I carry a photo-copy of my passport? I worry about losing my orignal passport.
IO : When you get arrested, police would want to see the original passport.

Me : Ahhh ! Emmm ! Ohhh ! Thank you.


Sarbjit Singh


“My Tryst With God”

“My Tryst With God”
( Sarbjit Singh )

I was born in a Sikh family and religion was an integral and important part of life. My father was an eye doctor and my mother was a convent educated girl from Malaya (now Malaysia). Though important, our religious rituals didn’t go beyond getting together in the evenings and reciting from the “Nitnem Gutka”, a collection of five religious prayers. My father however, did try to read through a couple of pages of the Guru Granth Sahib, the religious book of the Sikhs every day. Though religious minded or should I say spiritual, he was not a fanatic and believed in interpreting religion logically.

I was a very curious kid from ever since I remember and wanted answers to all that happened around me. My father would try to answer my questions whenever he had the time. Besides medicine, (more…)


Siblings & Branches

Tree PictureBranches of a tree are born from the same seed. When a plant is young, all branches are close to each other. As time passes and the tree grows, the branches spread out, distancing themselves from the ones which were once very near. They grow their own new branches and it goes on and on like that as the tree becomes bigger and bigger . The branches once gone far, can never meet the ones they were very close to in the beginning.

As humans, I guess the process is the same with one big difference. There is a choice and a possibility of once close siblings to stop, think, turn back and meet up with the rest. I don’t know about the branches of trees, but siblings do long for each other no matter how near or far physically they may be from each other. These feelings may not be said in so many words or shown in so many actions, but they are there somewhere hidden, somewhere buried under the burdens of life.

PS Dedicated to my own siblings who all are an integral part of my love and life…


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