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Siblings & Branches

Tree PictureBranches of a tree are born from the same seed. When a plant is young, all branches are close to each other. As time passes and the tree grows, the branches spread out, distancing themselves from the ones which were once very near. They grow their own new branches and it goes on and on like that as the tree becomes bigger and bigger . The branches once gone far, can never meet the ones they were very close to in the beginning.

As humans, I guess the process is the same with one big difference. There is a choice and a possibility of once close siblings to stop, think, turn back and meet up with the rest. I don’t know about the branches of trees, but siblings do long for each other no matter how near or far physically they may be from each other. These feelings may not be said in so many words or shown in so many actions, but they are there somewhere hidden, somewhere buried under the burdens of life.

PS Dedicated to my own siblings who all are an integral part of my love and life…