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A Rat and I

A Rat

A Rat

I sat at the edge of the bed with one leg dangling.Was busy playing with my new iPhone, unmindful of the unpleasant experience that I was going to encounter.

I was to be startled by sudden movement of something on my still dangling leg. As if by reflex, my hand, with all the energy and quickness,went down to grab my thigh. I suddenly realized that a small little brat rat had ventured into my pajamas and was going up towards the forbidden area. What nerve and balls does this rat have?No, no buddy. This is a no entry zone. I jumped and shook the leg and the whole body as if being electrocuted. Before I knew it, the rat had beaten a retreat and had run under the bed. I took my slipper, the only potential weapon that I had near me and banged it against the bed and on the floor trying to scare the rat out.No, the rat wasn’t coming out.

It took me a bit to realize how close to a disaster I had been. I felt insulted. I felt angry. I felt violated. This rat was not getting away with it.

In a huff and a puff, went out of my room looking for a rat trap with ammo, a small piece of bread. It was war. The room had been mined. I lay on my bed with lights off but my senses all heightened waiting for the enemy to make a move.No movement. No sound. I waited and waited. Didn’t even realize when I fell asleep.

Was rudely awakened by a sudden snapping sound. The mine had gone off. The enemy had been captured. I felt vindicated and I felt powerful. Looked at the rat with contempt but the rat was a rat and kept moving around in the trap as if looking for an escape route.

The culprit had been caught. I was it’s victim and also the eye witness. My wife took the honorary positions of judge jury and executioner. This guy had no chance of escape or mercy. The verdict was as expected and the sentencing was swift.

To be drowned till death.



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